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Check out my new site

Have a look at my new website LiLAArtNews which shows a lot of  new paintings, drawings & prints different in style than those published on . Being also my blog this site is regularly updated with new art as well as texts, poetry & (art)-philosophy.  / Dieser Blog LiLAArtNews zeigt jetzt als meine 2. Online-Galerie viele […]

Poetic Moments

According to the Russian author Nadeschda Mandelstam poetry starts with an unrefusable musical thought apppealing the inner ear, fuzzy and wordless in the beginning slowly taking shape. How about designing a kind of poetry in the visual arts? Well, visual arts tend to be more physical than music and words, which both are using very […]


Kreativität ist die transformierende Kraft in uns: Sie durchbricht unsere einengenden Identitäten, transformiert uns damit und als Folge verändert sie durch uns die Welt. (Sylvia A. Fruhmann)