Around the Solstice

Feder / Feather © by LiLA – Sylvia A. Fruhmann 2013

There’s always peace
in these days before Christmas.
No matter the weather is mild or cold,
foggy or snow is warming the soil,
roots keep their messages within its womb.
Hearts feel the same
singing a tune,
far from the buzzing hustle and noise
ever renewing – the eternal in You,
real like a newborn,
a whee or a sigh,
opening rift to a life unconfined –
resting within its domain solitaire
as a promising grain of a youth circular,
keeping the secret, holding the chord
of a centering tone that may only be heard
by a focussed intent;
as it’s shy and discreet like the tread of an elve
and likewise abundant,
it hands
tenor to life.
I’m drawn by its reign… inward…
Golden glow of the Self.

© by LiLA (Sylvia A. Fruhmann) 2011


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