Around the Solstice


Feder / Feather © by LiLA – Sylvia A. Fruhmann 2013

There’s always peace
In these days before X-Mas.
No matter the weather is mild or cold,
Foggy or snow is warming the soil,
Roots keep their messages within its womb.
Hearts feel the same
Singing a tune
Far from the buzzing hustle and noise
Ever renewing – the eternal in You,
Real like a newborn,
A whee or a sigh,
Opening rift to a life unconfined –
Resting within its domain solitaire
As a promising grain of a youth circular,
Keeping the secret, holding the chord
Of a centering tone that may only be heard
By a focussed intent;
As it’s shy and discreet like the tread of an elve
And likewise abundant,
It hands
tenor to life.
I’m drawn by its reign…inward…
Golden glow of the Self.

© by LiLA (Sylvia A. Fruhmann) 2011







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