Poetic Moments

Poem from Top to Toe

© by LiLA – Sylvia A. Fruhmann 2016 http://www.lilaart.com

According to the Russian author Nadeschda Mandelstam poetry starts with an unrefusable musical thought apppealing the inner ear, fuzzy and wordless in the beginning slowly taking shape.

How about designing a kind of poetry in the visual arts? Well, visual arts tend to be more physical than music and words, which both are using very immaterial fugitive mediums connecting them: sound, language, phrases, rhythm, vibrational sensations.

Though a feeling that knocks and pushes us may be initial to all of the arts in some way, a playful approach while concerting lines, shadows, colors, forms, figures, structures and meanings with some accuracy can be the source of a visual poem, too. So I like to state that playfulness is also a source of art, as You see expressed in my Cyanotype prints, while I have to admit that a picture may be perceived as something lyrical, when it has a musical component.





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